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Jurassic Park Vehicles

the second one <3

Got A Dinosaur Appetite??


Jurassic Love

LOL... its more like ''Allen & Ian LOVE'' Hahaaaaa

Jeff Goldblum

yeah thats what i'm saying, no one can do a better Ian Malcolm :)

What are the hybrids?


What are the hybrids?

calm down... this idea has not been taken seriously *high five*, the original plot is being written by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver, and it does not contain any hybrid shit, their plot they say is going to be outstanding.

P.S: your user name is awesome, i like that Chaos guy 'ian malcolm' too huh

would they make a game for jp 4

i agree, but just for the games, hybrid dinos in the game
and not in the movie... i never thought of it, yes the game will be cooler within the hybrids :)

Jurassic Park for real...... or just Crazy Clive?

hahaa... nice one

T-rex is actually larger and heavier than both Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontos

thanks for the reply Gimmeafacehug... and i respect your point of view, but for me it's really clear...

T-rex is taller and have ruffer more robust bones, and giga's bones were even more hollow than T-rex's... new theories say that giganotosaurus was lighter than t-rex by a half ton.


i'll give you the answer anyways... its not just jp3 or the discovery of giga, its actually both of those combined, Giga was discoverd in 1997 some paleontoligists spoke about him and put T-Rex in a challenge other than Rodolfo Coria, but not too many people new about it, tell jp3 apeared every body started to put T-Rex in the challange, so yeah the answer is all three combined. thanks for the replies BTW.

** read my other threads that Talk about Predatory dinosaurs sizes **

Really cool JP4 plot idea!

it's cool and all but it doesn't fit for JP, Jurassic Park is one of a kind, similar plots and ideas can be found on other stories besides JP... Terra Nova, a sound of thunder.

i'm not hating on you, but jurassic park is one of a kind movie that we don't see alot, ORIGINAL/CLASSICAL BREATHTAKING MOVIE, your plot is awesome for it to be a sequal of Terra nova or a sound of thunder.


i wish if the new movie will make dinosaurs normall... and mostly a rematch trex vs spino. but sadly i don't think it will happen

Bigger than Spinosaurus...


Tyrannosaurus Rex to return in Jurassic Park 4

JP3 T-rex: i'll be back
JP4 T-rex: i'm BACK

Tyrannosaurus Rex to return in Jurassic Park 4

i think t-rex should come back and kick ass


JPOG... enough said

Building a dinosaur from a chicken

yeah thats awesome

Jurassic Park Fun

tankgirl that nice movie from 1995


first place --1 hatching baby raptor
secound place --2 Tree for my bed
third place 3 -- remmebering pittocate lane
fourth place -- welcome to jurassic park
5- then the whole OST
thats for the Jurassic Park 1993

What would you add?

T-REX As the top guy, still spinosaurus can appear in some scenes, Raptors officours..., I WISH I WIISHSHSHSHSHSH!!!!! They make a rematch between the KING and the fisher

Spinosaurus, what a sucky name!

Spinosaurus is cool... but T-REX tops them all The Tyrant Lizard KING

Jeff Goldblum For Jurassic Park 4?

Chaos man should diffinatly apear

Sam Neill for Jurassic Park 4?

off course we want the dinosaur man back... ha ha ha ha ha

The story line that was planned for those weird hybrid Dinos...

whaaaaaat... that's not original from jurassic park, when i think about jurassic park i think a very good classical film, but not this.

Tyrannosaurus Rex to return in Jurassic Park 4


Predators Fan Poster


Do You Want Arnold To Return?

yeah all the way i want Arnold back, what an ugly mudafucker...

Worst Human Death?

All are great, but ultimate one is the ripped off skull along with the spine hh, VERY DEADLY

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