Ripley Clone 8


Alien Isolation/ canon or not

No I don't believe its canon. Its just a video game not a film. Not only that but after the dibocal that is Aliens Colonial Marines I don't think it would classified as canon.

Alien:Isolation New Concept Art

I set this as my wallpaper :) If you look closely you can see some androids off in the distance.

The FINAL Canon Debate

Here's how I see it and Ridley Scott has said this multiple times. Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and Prometheus are Alien films. ALONE. They have NOTHING to do with Predator or any other lifeform or person. If thats the case and those films are based either on the origin of the Aliens or the Aliens themselves than Those 5 films ALONE are the Alien films and nothing else. Those 5 films are what make up the "Alien" franchise because they are soley based either on the origin of the Alien species/space jockey like Prometheus or they are based ONLY on the Alien themselves NOT anything out of that realm like the Predator films.

The Predator franchise is its own thing because it is based solely on the Predators. Predator, Predator 2 and Predators make up the Predator franchise. I know there was an Alien skull in Predator 2 but that was NOT the focus of the film. The Predator itself was.

The AVP films are based in a universe where BOTH the Aliens and the Predators clash. That story is its OWN universe because it focuses on A story that makes both species in a war. It has nothing to do with Ripley, It doesn't focus JUST on the Aliens so its not an ALIEN film. Its an AVP film. And Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator Requiem are in their own universe.

Prometheus Out NOW On BluRay/DVD (Possibly UK Only)

I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Paradise plot

I'd like to see Shaw and David to discover in full the Engineers homeworld and maybe discover some of the revelations covering the bio-weapons the Engineers have. What happends if the bio-weapons somehow escape and the Engineers must wage a war on their creations. Shaw and David band together for a final stand to eliminate the possibility of the bio-weapons escaping. But some of the engineers children have other plans. Thats where we see the derelict come into play. One Engineer manages to escape but his only option is to crash land on LV-426.

Questions for those who think Prometheus "worked"

Prometheus is a prequel to the Alien universe. Not THE direct prequel to Alien. Which ever future sequel to Prometheus directly links both the series together will be THE direct prequel. Prometheus is like the first piece in pie. Obviously there's more than one piece that makes up a pie and those other pieces are the sequels to Prometheus. And no I don't think Prometheus stands alone. I believe it lives in the same universe as Alien. And belongs in the same series as the first 4 Alien films. Chronlogically it is placed before them. So I would watch Prometheus before I watch Alien and so on.

I don't think Prometheus would of been a waste of time, rather it would of gave us a greater insight into the creatures we call the Space Jockey from the first Alien film. And it would of shed greater light on the Weyland family and its history. So whether or not they do flesh out the story of Prometheus, I don't care. I still think it was worth it. But I do really hope they do make future sequels that will explain all this.

Questions for those who think Prometheus "worked"

1. Yes I would recommend anyone who hasn't been introduced to the Alien films to watch Prometheus first since its story and chronological place in the series stands before the first 4 Alien films.

2. Well thats the thing my friend, Prometheus is the first prequel in a series of prequels that will eventually lead up to Alien. So to be technical here, Prometheus isn't a "complete" prequel to the Alien franchise. Its the first part in a 2 to 3 part series that predates the Alien universe.

The Dark Knight Rises

I like your pic Alien DNA!


Funny this is my birthday xD

Box office / business for Prometheus

This is looking good. Prometheus is almost at 300 mil. Getting ready for a sequel!

what is your worst fear???


what is your worst fear???

For me its the Fear of the Unknown. Spirits, Demons and Hell. If I think about that shit, it will keep me up at night. The fact that something that you can't see can mess with you deeply disturbs me.

Just imagine being in a room, pitch black and your trying to fall asleep. You hear a baby cry but there's nothing in the room with you.

what is the creepiest horror movie ever made?!?!


Martyrs was REALLY good! I liked that movie. Jacobs Ladder is really good too.

U.K.'s Secret Cinema Has a Hit with Live Version of 'Prometheus'

Thanks for the videos MVMNT! Very cool.

Prometheus Scores - The Music Behind the Film

I actually quite enjoyed it. Thought the score was FANTASTIC! Very rich, ominous and adventurous. I love the track to 20 Space Jockey and 21 Collision. SO EPIC! I bought the soundtrack way back. I have it on my Itunes and everything.

the Sigourney/Noomi look alike issue.

I read this article a few weeks back and this is what Sigourney had said,

'Prometheus': 'Alien's' Sigourney Weaver 'really looking forward' to it

Sigourney Weaver fully intends to see "Prometheus" ... as soon as she has the time.

It's an appropriate ambition for the actress who got her big break in the new sci-fi movie's 1979 forerunner, the classic thriller "Alien," which also was directed by Ridley Scott.

Weaver currently is in front of the cameras nearly every day, playing a former first lady turned secretary of state (no, not that one) in "Political Animals," a USA miniseries premiering Sunday, July 15. But once her schedule allows, "Prometheus" it is for her.

"I barely realized that it had opened," Weaver admits to Zap2it. "I saw a picture in the newspaper, and I can't wait to see it. I just e-mailed Ridley about a month ago, wishing him and the whole cast well on it. I love Noomi Rapace -- I think she's awesome -- but I don't actually think I'll be able to see it until July, when I finish this."

Rapace's character in "Prometheus," which just scored a $50 million opening weekend in North America, basically is the surrogate for Weaver's Ripley in the "Alien" series. Weaver confirms "it is, it is" gratifying that her astronaut alter ego remains so iconic after three decades-plus and four films.

"I have to give Ridley all the credit for that," she maintains. "He took what was a fantastic story, with such great elements, and directed it with such a sure hand. He was a young man then, and he made it to be so honest and real, he changed the way we think about outer space completely.

"He had such a fresh eye, and the result was so scary," Weaver adds. "Because of the composition of that, I''m really looking forward to this."

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Link to Article:

Prometheus review

@Turlock, so what do you hope for in a sequel?

Prometheus - Great!

Glad you enjoyed it Jon, going to see it for an 8th time this week!

Should sequels (if any) maintain its Alien 'connection' or navigate further away

They should honestly bridge the gap between Prometheus and Alien like Ridley Scott has said. Thats his plan anyway. Whether it be 1 or 2 more films after Prometheus he has mentioned that he wants to connect the missing pieces that would link both series together as one.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands on Video Impressions

Thanks for the video man!

Prometheus Engineer fan art

Very well done!

VIDEO: Mind-Blowing Analysis

Thanks for the video man!

Was Vickers married?

Yeah I was thinking it might be to cover her identity. Vickers didn't want anyone on board to have any knowledge of Peter Weyland being on the ship since they all thought he was dead.

'ALIEN' Solar Prominence Seen By NASA Spacecraft Featured In New Video

Fist bump back man! Thank You! Looking for THE cooliest articles out there!

Sigourney Weaver says that James Cameron will film three ĎAvatarí sequels back-t

Who knows, apparently James Cameron is LITERALLY committing the entire rest of his career on Avatar 2,3,4. I don't know why. I assume because they each take years to make he will have to? I don't know. Seems a bit to the extreme but thats James Cameron alright!

Prometheus Pre-Prequel!

Remember! WHEN IN DOUBT CHECK IT OUT!! LOL, I loved that part. And then he gets bit by the snake.

Prometheus Pre-Prequel!





My thoughts on Prometheus, an imperfect film.

I understand your point here Cinefan. I'm pretty pumped for the bluray extended cut edition. I thought the whole elder engineer scene would of been fascinating. I think it would of added a whole new scope to the film. I'm glad Scott is giving us 20 to 30 minutes of footage. Directors nowadays are so stingy with their "directors" cut or "extended cut". They give us like oh 5 to 10 minutes of extra footage if that. But I really enjoyed Prometheus for what it is. In my honest opinion, I think it matches the quality of the other 4 Alien films.

The visuals in the film were INCREDIBLE. I'm currently reading Prometheus The Art of The film. Arthur Max came up with INSANE stuff. Just looking at all the ideas they had for the film. The sketches, photos, paintings just look beautiful and completely breath taking. I was completely taken back. I also liked knowing that Scott pulled some of the original '79 sketches done by Ron Cobb and H.R. Giger into the mix of the film. Sticking with the tradition of the series.

How many times have you seen Prometheus?

@Bluesfool, Nice!! How many times have you seen it exactly?

My review

Great review man! Thanks for sharing!

73% second week box office decline

As of right now the total gross of Prometheus is at $167.2 million worldwide. Which isn't bad but colonial soldier is correct. There has been a HUGE significant drop in box office for Prometheus. Last week after its opening weekend Sunday the box office was at $141.7 million worldwide. Over a period of 6 days since then Prometheus has only been able to gross a total of $25.5 million worldwide which equals out to be the $167.2 million worldwide as of right now. So yes this is correct. I'm hoping for a complete success of this film though. I would really like to see a sequel to Prometheus. Great film!

Why one critic thought Prometheus didn't work.

@Tee1up, Did you go see it in IMAX?

Were the eggs on LV-426 destined for earth?

I wonder what Prometheus 2 will hold instore for us. Shaw and David are off to discover where the "Engineers" come from. If Prometheus 2 or its sequel is the last of Ridley Scott's little subAlien series. Then possibly we will figure out the motives behind the enginneer in Alien. Why was he infected? How did he get a Alien implanted inside of him? Why did he land on LV-426?

The Alien that burst out of him must of laid all those eggs right?

The real question is How did he get an Alien inside of him and why did he land on LV-426. Whats the planet's importance? Maybe LV-426 wasn't his intended destination in the first place.

Why one critic thought Prometheus didn't work.


Me too, I thought the movie turned out great! I think it matches up perfectly to the 4 other Alien films. The visuals, the acting, the mystery. All of it was great. I really liked how Lindelof gave us more mystery and even more to ponder over. It was great.

I just like to hear both sides of the ball. You know what I mean. Why did someone like it? Why didn't they like it? I love to hear opinions.

NEW! PROMETHEUS Deleted scenes inteview with Ridley Scott

Thanks for this man. This is great info! Can't wait for the Blu-Ray!!!

Shaw & Vickers = Morons

You gotta love the Vickers death scene LOL.

best since aliens

I saw it for a 4th time today! Going for a 5th next weekend.

Does Prometheus undermine the Alien films?

I look at it this way. The first 4 Alien films are Ripley's story or as I like to put it one "strand" of the Alien universe. Prometheus is the beginning of another strand (Hopefully by the end of Scott's Prometheus series it will somehow really solidify or connect the 2 series together). I mean throughout the movie Prometheus you can't help but think about the previous films somehow. There's so many connections between Prometheus and the 4 Alien films its like how is Prometheus not a direct Prequel in maybe a slightly indirect manner?

All I'm saying is that Prometheus is trying to expand the world of Alien. It really wants to deviate from the previous 4 films and really try to set something new up for itself, giving the Alien universe more depth and different view points than from what Ripley's 4 Alien films did.

Prometheus is now part of Elizabeth Shaw and David. The story will focus on a different view point of a character within the same universe as Alien. Beginning a new strand for the series and giving the series new life and an entirely new breath of fresh air.

So I wouldn't say Prometheus is undermining the series of Alien, more than anything it looks like its trying to expand and enlargen the world of Alien.

Misplaced Score?

I actually thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack for Prometheus. I've been listening to the tracks even before the release of the film. A lot of small orchestral flourishes from Jerry Goldsmith's and Elliot Goldenthals scores.

I feel like the score really embodied the essence of the film. It was about discovery and learning. The Star Treky type 2001 style of the soundtrack your saying kind of relates to how Prometheus is a adventurous discovery of film. Yet dark and twisted.

Marc Streitenfeld executed the musical score perfectly. I loved it. Not just because Prometheus was a fantastic film but because it was appropriate for this type of film.

Everyone is going to hate me for asking this...

my reaction exactly....

Favorite part?

The whole movie itself. The pacing, the acting, the atmosphere, the visuals and the epic ending. I love when the Space Jockey begins to prep his chair. It was all fantastic. Haters are gonna hate. I loved it all!

final review from me

I really liked it. I would say it was just as good as the previous 4 Alien films. :D


When The Timer Hits Zero...

I wish I could go tonight at Midnight :( I'm going tomorrow evening. Have fun though guys. I hope its awesome!

Pre-Ordering ticket

No problem man. Anytime!

Pre-Ordering ticket

They would just give you the glasses if you went up to the front desk and asked them for a ticket for the 3-D showing. Then whenever you go you you'd have the glasses with you. These questions are better for your local theater to answer for you. Like I said if you just walk in and ask them they will tell you all you need to know. Tomorrow just go in and ask or you could just call as well.

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