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Wishing everyone peace, love & happiness this holiday season.

merry christmas everyone :)

The best Christmas present for us (Alien/Prometheus/sci-fi fans)

hey Indy can you please edit my name from Rank girl to Tankgirl ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Yea I loved the adds too : D

Decap SJ head sculpting - surface

That is incredible Zeta!!!

I love the bone cracks and texture...makes it more realistic in my view...

WOW!! how much do I want that!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

are you planning on selling it??

I noticed on your other thread that there was a Xeno head in the background..did you do that too??

you're so talented Zeta : )



read it over several times because its so good I didnt want to stop reading it...

Your writing is brilliant Major
Once again......It was totally worth the wait! : )

so..........whats going to happen to them now??? O-O

Now It All Makes Sense!

ha ha ha ha ha NoX!..........

yes prefectedly Sensical for Mwahh.....

Your Best and Worst Science Fiction Creatures?

Classic Lone!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Your Best and Worst Science Fiction Creatures?

speaking of furry and cute and about the Tribbles!!




Your Best and Worst Science Fiction Creatures?

Night of the Lepus!!!



So funny Blandcorp!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

thanks for posting!!

and yea Indy they sure do look like toy cars! ; )

"Alien" Motorbike. So freaken' cool...

So cool Svanya!

and if any of you like Tron vehicles....

check out this Harley Davidson concept design for 2020



Your Best and Worst Science Fiction Creatures?

I hadnt heard of The Giant Gila Monster
I had to look him up Indy!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I love those old school retro movies!! : )




Your Best and Worst Science Fiction Creatures?

when I checked back on my post that Image had seemed to not work
so thanks for posting!!

he is so talented and I agree about the variety! :)

as everyone above has mentioned the Xenomorph and H.R.Giger!


Your Best and Worst Science Fiction Creatures?

Wayne Barlowe is incredible Blandcorporatio!


and I love Star Trek..but always get a giggle from the early creatures!


My Little Pony Engineer "SO CUTE"

and the not so nice version


Space Jockey ruler or leader


The Thing, the ship and its creator.

These Science Fiction ideas are based upon things that are happening here in earth today...

There are living Things that use others as hosts and then totally control them through genetics, turning the host into a zombie

Anelosimus octavius, is a spider that becomes a host for a parasitic wasp
To manipulate the spiders, the wasp must have genes that produce proteins that alter spider behavior

Other parasites manipulate their hosts by altering the neurotransmitters in their brains. This kind of psychopharmacology is how thorny-headed worms send their hosts to their doom


Simple viruses can do this at the cellular level Outside of a living cell, a virus is a dormant particle; but within an appropriate host cell, it becomes an active entity capable of subverting the cell's metabolic machinery for the production of new virus particles


Whats with the hating on AVP?


The Ancient Astronaut question or thought.

Im not so sure that 'aliens ' would want us for a slave race

they could be interested in our DNA..

a LOT of genetic material has been stored in our chromosomes and much of it may be useful for all kinds of purposes....


What is your favorite Sci FI Movie one-liner?

BatÙ: There's nothing sadder than a puppet without a ghost, especially the kind with red blood running through them.


Space Jockey ruler or leader

I found this interesting image concept of the space jockey....


The Thing, the ship and its creator.

Thats brilliant Snorkelbottom! : )

The Thing, the ship and its creator.

Yea.. Its so strange that I somehow missed HP Lovecraft??...
because I have the most massive collection of scifi books and Im a voracious reader
In fact I have so many books that many are in boxes in the attic! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

But I understand how fundamental Lovecraft was to all science fiction ....
In fact.. I think I might buy a collection of his to read these christmas holidays! : )

and Im with you about the Space Jockeys!
when I saw that scene..the music...the choreography..the creature..... breathtaking!

The Thing, the ship and its creator.

I loved that scene too Rubirosa : )

and the mix of characters was brilliant

I especially liked MacReady... [blushes and twirls her ringlet]


Shaw Can't Wait to go to Paradise!

I love Noomi Rapace

I think she is a brilliant actor

Just to hear her talking about 'Paradise' is SO exciting!!

I cannot wait!!! : )


The Thing, the ship and its creator.

I found this interesting article that references the early scripts....

director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. is being interviewed about his work on the prequel....

How much thought did you put into The Thing's backstory? How did it get to Earth, why was it there, are there pages and pages of backstory that wasn't in the film?

In an early script there was more stuff explaining it. The idea was, and I don't know if I should tell you this, the idea was that the creature in the ice is not the original form of the thing.

In my opinion it was always sort of a virus, it doesn't have an original form. So the creature they find in the ice it could have been a friendly creature that was then taken over by the thing. That backstory still holds, I think. We had, at some point, that they would go inside of the ship, in the beginning of the movie, and they would see that the ship was this big biolab and that they were specimen collectors that race, and it broke free and killed everyone in the ship.

So the spaceship was a science fiction version of the Norwegian base in John Carpenter's movie. But then it sort of f****d up the story. Because if you have 50 dead aliens in a spaceship why would you concentrate so much on the guy frozen in the ice?

So from a story point, that didn't work. It put too much emphases on the spaceship and not enough on the one creature in the ice. So we sort of abandoned that idea completely. Does that make sense?

Read the Full Interview Here

and here is the original script :)


Apparantly The Thing was based upon a short story Who Goes There? and by the HP Lovecraft's novella At the Mountains of Madness, in which an Antarctic reasearch team uncovers a cryogenically preserved Elder Thing, which thaws out and attacks them.

Who Goes There wiki

Read Who Goes There



The Thing, the ship and its creator.

I love this thread Rubirosa!!

and I love the movie The Thing .. Its one of my most favorite movies....the 1984 John Carpenter especially ..there have been 3 in total...

Your ideas are very interesting, connecting the biological weapon idea between movies is intriguing

and I too have always wondered about the ship that crashed....

Ncc is an expert on space ships!.. I bet he has some really interesting things to say about it :)

Ok you have me thinking now!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

I gonna have a think and look into what I can find and get back to you!!

maybe some concept drawing of the spaceship : )
and a good look at the metamorphosis of the see if there are any hints at its Host in the ship....
because I too believe the spaceship belong to the host not the creature... I wonder if there was any black goo on board????? ;)

also you reminded me that the ship has been in the ice for 4 million years...just for fun...Is there any time line ties into the other movies ??



Anyone got pics of Carlos Huante's white Deacon concept art?



YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anyone got pics of Carlos Huante's white Deacon concept art?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Indy!!

well if you're gonna be lead astray I'd say she would be a fine choice ; )
he he he he

What is your favorite Sci FI Movie one-liner?

Ellie Arroway: Contact

Mathematics is the only true universal language.


Anyone got pics of Carlos Huante's white Deacon concept art?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Fleshvessel

awwwww thanks!

and I have to agree with you though

I think the second female creature is more in tune with our Deacon

and I agree Bella... she is creepy!!!

I just couldnt resist the 1st pic cause she looked kinda cool : )

Anyone got pics of Carlos Huante's white Deacon concept art?


I thought she looked beautiful :)

I have been looking at Huante's art..
Thanks for drawing my attention to his work Zeta

So incredible...I found this one of a female creature

which is probably more in tune with the frightening appearance of his Deacon

Im not 100% sure if it IS Huantes work or it is inspired by him


Alien 3 The Lesser Known Deleted/Alternate Scenes

So..... even with the extra footage that is often released with the dvd or blueray post movie with deleted scenes etc

there is still a lot of unreleased material??


Imagine being able to get hold of that!!!!!

so awesome!!!!!!!

Alien 3 The Lesser Known Deleted/Alternate Scenes

OMG so Horribly claustrophobic!!

thats just a terrible as being confined in the vent with the xeno
no escape.......

I wonder why Fincher wasnt allowed to include that deleted material??

That makes me wonder how much other unreleased footage there is for the other movies??

Anyone got pics of Carlos Huante's white Deacon concept art?

How about this for a female..

you wouldnt escape her embrace with those tentacles ;)


Alien 3 The Lesser Known Deleted/Alternate Scenes


Xeno_Alpha that is such an interesting blog!!

so much info!!

Thanks for sharing it :)

It sounds like the movie was a lot more gory before the editing..

Gee Im glad I didnt witness Newts autopsy!!! O-O

but I wish I had especially seen

    The facehugger tendrils image inside Ripleys throat

    the Xeno moving through the flames

    and heard the 'licking' of the xeno after Murphy was attacked by Acid spit in the that would be chilling!

What is your favorite Sci FI Movie one-liner?

"Who you gonna call?"


"We came, we saw, we kicked its ass"


"May the Force be with you"


What is your favorite Sci FI Movie one-liner?

"Open the pod bay doors, HAL"


Apollo 18 (film)

The movie was cool :)

so was Splice....
I love stories invlolving genetic engineering

It is interesting how many Moon Rocks have actually gone missing!!!

President Nixon distributed 269 fragments of Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 moon rock to 135 nations. Today, 159 of them are unaccounted for, either lost, stolen or destroyed.

In addition, each of America's states and the District of Columbia were given two pieces, one from each mission; of those 100 samples, 19 are missing, plus one belonging to Puerto Rico and another to the US Virgin Islands.


RIP Sir Patrick Moore

I know Ive posted this before in another thread, but........

I think it is perfect after your posts ZZPlural and ZetaReticuli :)

When I heard the learn'd astronomer

When I heard the learn'd astronomer,

When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me,

When I was shown the charts and diagrams, to add, divide,
and measure them,

When I sitting heard the astronomer where he lectured with
much applause in the lecture-room,

How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick,

Till rising and gliding out I wander'd off by myself,

In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,

Look'd up in perfect silence at the stars.

Walt Whitman

Anyone got pics of Carlos Huante's white Deacon concept art?

Carlos Huante's white Deacon looks incredible!!!!

I agree Zeta.....

No eyes indicates an acute sensory response to its environment
It doesnt need to see you to get you!

The way it looks so fiercely strong....
yet it stands with such relaxed ease balancing on its toes

as if gravity is of no concern

What is your favorite Sci FI Movie one-liner?

"This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off"


“They mostly come out at night, mostly.”


What is your favorite Sci FI Movie one-liner?

Great thread idea Albert : )

2001 Space Odyssey

"My God Its full of stars"


general prometheus 2/ prometheus related fanfic concept art

They're brilliant caenor....

and I love your vision for them too....

I agree with One....more please!! :)

What is it about the alien series movie that made you a fan?


Thanks invaderz

Im not sure which picture didnt work???

All sorted

it worked on one of my computers but not the other :)

What is it about the alien series movie that made you a fan?

Alien was such a powerful movie

It was set in a Universe wrapped up in sumptious dark sexual Giger imagery

The soundtrack and effects mesmerising thoughtful frightening

The Xenomorph was terrifying powerful indifferent

The planet, ships, technology fascinating

the Space Jockey mysterious and awe-inspiring and still are .. even today

the characters were so human in their strengths and weaknesses

and Ripley was the first strong woman in Science Fiction


I guess you have worked out that....

I really LOVED it!!! :)

Alien Trailer 1979



I love that caenor!!!!!

kinda Moebius style.....

you are so talented :)

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