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ALIEN 5: Resurect? or Purge?

Posted Nov-07-2017 6:11 AM by BigDave

36 replies

19 replies

Questions and Answers

Posted Nov-01-2017 2:32 AM by Gavin

24 replies

Alien Covenant Fan Film

Posted Oct-22-2017 2:53 PM by FantacularTV_1

22 replies

Engineer power

Posted Oct-22-2017 2:16 PM by Dark Nebula

41 replies

Royal Engineer

Posted Oct-18-2017 9:01 PM by Ingeniero

30 replies

Androids + Emotions

Posted Oct-14-2017 4:24 PM by I Moon Girl

27 replies

36 replies

COMNET 12-26-2093 Upload

Posted Oct-10-2017 7:25 AM by Ingeniero

6 replies

38 replies

MonsterVerse Godzilla's Origins

Posted Oct-06-2017 5:39 AM by Daltharion

2 replies

14 replies

14 replies

Alien Covenant Marketing Art for Fox

Posted Sep-21-2017 4:36 PM by Ati

18 replies

The Tumour Garden by Matt Hatton

Posted Sep-20-2017 8:37 AM by Ingeniero

7 replies

Godzilla Directors

Posted Sep-09-2017 5:30 PM by G. H. (Gman)

17 replies


Posted Aug-11-2017 12:42 PM by IIapagokc

52 replies

7 replies

David-Ash Dream Connection

Posted Aug-05-2017 10:32 AM by VivisectedEngineer

9 replies

How to save the franchise

Posted Aug-04-2017 9:19 PM by joylitt

85 replies

Alien: Covenant - Member Reviews

Posted Aug-04-2017 3:49 AM by I Raptus

17 replies

Is the Alien Biomechanical?

Posted Aug-04-2017 2:56 AM by chli

11 replies

Yes, there are small eggs on the table...

Posted Aug-03-2017 4:04 PM by Ati

10 replies

Shedding Some Light on David's Lab

Posted Jul-19-2017 10:40 AM by Kethol

83 replies

Monarch Timeline

Posted Jul-05-2017 11:34 AM by G. H. (Gman)

80 replies

23 replies

6 replies


6 replies

37 replies


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