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Gavin Singleton

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Hunted by your Future
Haunted by your Past

Main Cast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe Simmons
Bruce Willis as Old Joe Simmons
Jeff Daniels as Abe
Emily Blunt as Sara Rollins
Pierce Gagnon as Cid Harrington
Paul Dano as Seth Richards
Frank Brennan as Old Seth Richards

Looper tells the story of Joe Simmons, a mafia hired hitman who kills criminals sent back in time from 30 years ahead in return for silver bars, AKA a Looper, who after failing to kill his older self (also sent back through time to be hit - referred to as "Closing Ones Loop"), struggles to survive his present and his future, while his older self hunts down a child whom in 30 years time will become The Rainmaker, a powerful and tyrannical mafia boss.

Looper is written and directed by Rian Johnson, and has become a sci fi fan favorite, with its clever storyline and its action set pieces.

Feel free to discuss anything and everything Looper related in this thread - your favorite character(s), story element(s), anything...

1 Replies

NCC 1701

Still on the fence on this one ...........

Watched this the other night and did not enjoy it all that much as i thought



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