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Welcome to the SCIFIED Achievement Help Request thread. This is a service to all members of the SCIFIED network and its forum sites, whereby you can request help with attaining Xbox 360 game achievements in the latest releases. Our Helpers are currently assisting members with achievements for Halo 4, although they may lend assistance with other games, should they own them.


If you would like help with getting an achievement please post your request in this thread, using the format below, so that the helpers understand what you are requesting help with.


Description of achievement:
Other info:
When available:

After posting your request a helper will reply here on the thread stating when they can assist you, possibly contacting you further by PM. A helper will then join you in an online game and walk and talk you through getting your coveted achievement, thus we suggest using your headset.
Please take note that our helpers may not always own the game of which you have requested help for, in which case they will try to assist you in other ways.

Finally we ask that you follow a few simple rules, so that this service runs smoothly for all...

1. Use the correct format for posting a request.
2. Please make sure that after posting a request, you will be on Xbox live or/at the times available.
3. After your achievement has been completed please edit your request and write COMPLETED*.
4. You must post (or PM) your gamertag when you request help. If it is not there then we can’t find you to help!
5. Please be patient (It may be a while before we can help you).
6. Please do not ask for assistance for easy achievements, such as "complete the first level on any difficulty".


Head Achievement Helper - NEWT0NIAN
Senior Helper - CHRIS
Senior Helper- FREEZE!

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I'll be helping with Gears of War Judgement Achievements for the next few months if any body wants to have some fun on that :)



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