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News on my Animation

Hello G-Fans! I have an update on my animation coming up. The good news is: The animation will be out early 20...

0 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 6 The Arena

The Arena The mercenaire awoke in a cage around them groups of other people along with them are monster and d...

0 Replies

The End Part 6: Tyrance Vs Nequit Dominum, the Fate of the Future

To be honest, I have been a tad bit hesitant to post this, I've been worried it isn't going to be successful. ...

2 Replies

Godzilla Wars: Aftermath- Chapter 8

     As Rodan begins his slow transformation, five Maser jets swoop in from the fog and sh...

0 Replies

Mothra vs Nemesis: who would win?

An interesting scenario came into mind the other day. I was reading Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson, which ...

0 Replies

I have made a battle between Godzillas.


0 Replies

Searching for a Movie Title

I rented a movie from Blockbuster in 2011.  It was a sci-fi alien movie.  My son & I watched it ...

0 Replies

The End Part 5: Rex vs Spino

Part 5: Rex vs Spino The lone Allosaurus, Difference, began to leave his sheltering as the acid rain had diss...

5 Replies

the martian

Saw the Martian yesterday...i have been disappointed with Ridley films since matchstick men although prometheu...

8 Replies

Ridley preparing to film Paradise Lost in Australia in January!

In a recent interview with News.com.au. Ridley revealed that he plans to start filming the sequel to Prometheu...

7 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum 9/30-10/1/2015

Sorry that i can't post the yesterday CCC (i got a lot of schoolwork) so i make 2 today, but you only need to...

1 Replies

Could be Australia one of the locations for Alien: Paradise Lost?

The Guardian reported that Ridley Scott was discussing with Julie Bishop, foreign minister of Australia, his p...

0 Replies

Survival on a Dinosaur Island

I've started a similar topic before the release of Jurassic World, but which team of kids in the JP franchise ...

4 Replies

Ebay Listing: Something to die for!

Well, as always I share my works, even if they are not Godzilla related; but this time I'm not only showing my...

1 Replies

Journey to the Force Awakens Trailers

Take a look at this motion comic-style trailer for the upcoming Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens bo...

0 Replies

T-Shirts For Everything Dinosaurs?

Hello good people. I'm sure many of you are familiar with my website at this point...   Everything Dino...

5 Replies

Writer, Michael Green, for 'Alien: Paradise Lost' and 'Blade Runner 2'

Well, there's been some apprehension from fans regarding Michael Green having been brought on to finish up the...

0 Replies

Paradise lost

Anyone been looking at paradise lost? Ridley says it's kind of a basis for the next film here's a shortened ve...

13 Replies

Hey Brother

My first story in a while. I'll let everyone who reads this figure out what I was referring to, but if I see ...

8 Replies



2 Replies

Movie Tournament Game 21 - Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack x Godzilla 2000

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah took the last round 12 to 4. GAME 21:Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Mons...

10 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 5 Hidden in the mist part 2

Hidden in the Mist Part 2 It was a few hours passed the moon has risen and what ever the large predator was w...

0 Replies

The End Part 4: Hell on Earth

Part 4: Hell on Earth Tyrance, forced to the very back of his cave waited in fear at what was next. A few hou...

6 Replies

My Drawing

Hi guys, i have made a beautiful pictures, it's drawing of my allosaurus killed a Camptosaurus. Sorry, no c...

2 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum 9/29/2015 :D

Today marks the 10th day of Cryptic Compy Conundrum !!! thanks to our friend VIRTUALVEL to make this dino Rid...

3 Replies



4 Replies

Talkback #12: Godzilla vs. Gigan

GODZILLA VS. GIGAN After comic book artist Gengo Kotaka is recruited to design monsters for a mysterious ch...

3 Replies

Talkback #2: Godzilla Raids Again

GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN After pilot Koji Kobayashi's plane goes down on Iwata Island he and his wingman, Shoic...

2 Replies

Brontosaurus is a Dino Again !

After several debating years, i've found a website that confirm, Brontosaurus is a differen species from Apato...

1 Replies

Awesome Garry's Mod Godzilla Animation

Hello G-Fans. Today I wanted to share a video I recently watched with you all. The video was made with an anim...

0 Replies

Interview with Matt Frank and Chris Mowry behind the art and writing process of Godzilla Rulers of Earth

(I put it in classic Godzilla because we had nowhere else to put it. Mods, you can move it to another category...

0 Replies

Top 10 Most Dangerous Non-Dinosaurs

This list is for carnivores only. Believe me, there are certainly very dangerous non-dinosaur herbivores as we...

13 Replies

Debate Week Season 7 schedule

So Debate Week Season 7 is nearing it's premiere, and it's time for the schedule. The season will follow th...

1 Replies

Jurassic World - All Deleted Scenes

Woa, Masrrani knew it everything! Have a look:   Ok, I don't know whether Karma exists in real...

3 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum - 9/28/2015 :D

Cryptic Compy Conundrum Day 7! For whoever wins, here are the rules to making a CCC: Rules: #1: It has to b...

3 Replies


I would like to start this topic with the aim to discuss the direction and expectations of what is now seeming...

0 Replies

No worrying about Michael Green as screenwriter?

Well, there's been some apprehension from fans regarding Michael Green having been brought on to finish up the...

0 Replies

Special Fight : Indominus Rex Vs Allotitan Imperious

Ladies and gentleman, I here to post a fight like you never see before (probably), this is to honour my friend...

2 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum 9/27/15

Greetings.     Today marks the 8th day of the running series Cryptic Compy Conundrum! This sup...

5 Replies

Alien: Paradise Lost to have connection to Ripley!

While speaking to Empire about Alien Paradise Lost, Ridley had the following to say: "In a way it is Promethe...

1 Replies

The End Part 3: Horror From the Sky and the Sea

Part 3: Horror From the Sky and the Sea *Present time: North America*Tyrance the Alpha Tyrannosaurus Rex bega...

7 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum - 9/26/2015 :D

Cryptic Compy Conundrum Day 7! For whoever wins, here are the rules to making a CCC: Rules: #1: It has to b...

5 Replies

best star trek pic so far ,,,,2016


2 Replies

Godzilla Marathon on El Rey!

There Is A Showa Era Marathon On El Ray (Channel 145)...

0 Replies

King Kong Vs. Godzilla Teaser (Fan-Made)

So I decided to make a teaser trailer for Godzilla vs King Kong, I might make a trailer in the future but this...

0 Replies

Ripley's connection in Alien: Paradise Lost?

Ridley Scott has revealed some important details about Alien: Paradise Lost in an interview with Emp...

15 Replies

Why did they switch title from 'Alien: Engineers' to 'Prometheus'

I just think it's interesting considering the original title for 'Prometheus' was 'Alien: Engineers', but now ...

9 Replies

Not sure? Alien: Paradise Lost or Prometheus: Paradise Lost? As a title....

Makes you wonder, shouldn't they keep the Prometheus namesake within the titles (I.e.) Prometheus: Paradise Lo...

6 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum - 9/24/2015 :D

Cryptic Compy Conundrum Day 6! For whoever wins, here are the rules to making a CCC: Rules: #1: It has to b...

3 Replies

Have you guys read reviews for live-action Attack on Titan?

Have you guys looked at reviews for the new live-action Attack on Titan movie? They're not good unfortunately....

5 Replies
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