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My Scifi short films.

I thought I would share 2 of my scifi short films here.   Star Pirate Zero --- BEST Science Fiction S...

0 Replies

Alternative Alien Quadrilogy/Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

A Fan Fiction Alternative Alien Quadrilogy. Author's Note: I have tried not to mess with anything established...

0 Replies

Gamera 2017

I wasn't sure if this had been posted anywhere yet but I stumbled upon a Gamera 2015 trailer on Youtube. I did...

2 Replies

Be the Dinosaur-Get Away

Installment #5 here viewers.   I will get to dinosaur stories in the first 2 films right after this, I c...

2 Replies

Tyrants Chapter 3: The Final Hunt

Part 3: All for a meal   Tyranak and the Pack continued down the swamp. They pressed forward, smashing ...

2 Replies

Alien: Covenant shooting starts April 4th

Just read in the Sydney Morning Herald that crew signing up to work on Alien: Covenant in Syndey say pre-produ...

2 Replies

Christmas Wallpaper Count Down!

Hi everyone!On my YouTube channel I'm going to be doing a Christmas wallpaper count down! Everyday starting on...

2 Replies

Godzilla Wars: Aftermath- Chapter 14

     Only one of the strange, new beasts was familiar. Godzilla had faced it before, recog...

0 Replies

Interesting Comments made by Michael Biehn on Alien 5, gives clues to Alien: Covenant Plot?

Found this on Scified site regarding Alien 5  alien-5-is-not-dead Alien 5 is set 20 plus years after Ali...

2 Replies

An OBJECTIVE appraisal of Fury Road - Why George Miller Doesn't Understand His Own Franchise.

An OBJECTIVE appraisal of Fury Road - Why George Miller Doesn't Understand His Own Franchise. Mad Max: Fury R...

8 Replies

Tyrants Chapter 2: The Killer of Juveniles

Part 2: They never saw it coming     Three years have passed since Tyrance and his siblings were ...

2 Replies


When will we expect a Trailer?...

3 Replies

Will Godzilla 2 have a post-credits scene?

So after Godzilla 2014, Gareth didn't want a post-credits scene because he wanted to film to almost stand by i...

6 Replies

How I think Godzilla and Kong will confront each other

Hey guys! I have'nt made a good discussion in a while so lets begin. I wanted to speculate a certain situation...

3 Replies

684 Days to Mission Launch... #AlienCovenant

The countdown has begun and so has our promotion for Alien: Covenant. Scified began as a lonely Prometheu...

1 Replies

Two of my latest Godzilla drawings I wanted to share.

Hello and long time no see folks! Huge-Ben here with two of my latest Godzilla drawings that I wanted to share...

12 Replies

Spinosaurus maroccanus, Sigilmassasurus brevicollis, and Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.

Hey guys! I'm not sure if this was discussed or not (and I'm really really sorry if it was), but I would like ...

1 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 16

Miss the previous chapter? Follow the link. http://www.scified.com/topic/41200Here's a chapter I've been anxi...

4 Replies

So... Is Skull Island: Reign of Kong cannon to King Kong 2005?

So... Is Skull Island: Reign of Kong cannon to King Kong 2005?...

1 Replies

Who Will Win: Acrocanthosaurus vs Saurophaganax

Lol just say your opinion. :3...

0 Replies

Tyrants Chapter 1: Life

Tyrants Written and Created by GorillaGodzilla Prequel to a 7 chapter novella by GorillaGodzilla We&rsqu...

6 Replies

Do you think Godzilla: Resurgence will suffer backlash from Western audiences?

I have a concern that Godzilla: Resurgence will suffer some backlash from the general Western moviegoer audien...

7 Replies

Godzilla and Kong species used to be enemies, how the two will fit into Legendary's canon

Since the first King Kong movie, Kong's epic battle has always been with a Dinosaur, usually a T-Rex or most r...

3 Replies


But God is not flesh and blood. God is spirit....

47 Replies

Alien: Covenant is actually Prometheus 3, not a direct sequel to Prometheus.

Prometheus was always meant to spawn a trilogy, possibly even a quadrilogy. But Prometheus was meant to set in...

5 Replies

Philip K. Dick: The Video Game

Philip K. Dick: The Video Game Just had to post this for all the blade runner + philip K. dick fans out ther...

1 Replies

What happens to Shaw in Alien: Covenant?

The official plot synopsis for Alien: Covenant surprisingly does not make mention of Noomi Rapace's character,...

11 Replies

Ryan Gosling to star in Blade Runner 2

Ryan Gosling is confirmed to star in the Blade Runner sequel along side Harrison Ford. The movie begins filmin...

0 Replies

NECA releasing lifesize Alien egg & Facehugger

The toy company NECA will be releasing a 1:1 scale version of the Xenomorph egg & Facehugger. Pre-sales ar...

0 Replies

Alien: Evolution's Nightmare. My Alien Prequel. Complete

ALIEN: EVOLUTION'S NIGHTMARE By JamietheBastard Based on Characters and Situations created by:Dan O'Bannon,...

6 Replies

Why would they need a hybrid?

I was watching Jurassic World, and it made me think of something. Why would they make a hybrid when they alrea...

11 Replies

How Many Want To Bet Luke Will Say An Obi Wan Line.

Im willing to bet the line I thought I could instruct in this case Kylo Im Guessing just as well as Yoda. I wa...

0 Replies

Hello once again, Scified!

Hello fellow scified members, it's been a Morgan of a time since ive last been on this site. for those of you...

4 Replies

How powerful will Shin-Gojira's Atomic Breath be?

Since the title of Shin Gojira translates to "true Godzilla" it is pretty obvious that Godzilla will have his ...

15 Replies

the ending of godzilla 1985

this scene in particular i...

2 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 15

Miss the previous chapter? Follow the link provided.http://www.scified.com/topic/41157Shadow's BackStanding tw...

7 Replies

Alien: Paradise Lost will apparantly be called: Alien: Covenant (working title perhaps?)

Seems the concept of finding singular words for the continuation of the Prometheus franchise has other names i...

15 Replies

Alien : covenant

You guys should see what bloodydisgusting.Com just posted...

11 Replies

Should there be a Monster for Godzilla to fight in G2016?

I certantly would not mind at all, since Japan is now entering their skills with CGI effects. I think it might...

14 Replies

King Kong's Encounter with Godzilla

I myself am beyond excited at the news of Godzilla and Kong clashing again, and am crushed to know I'll have t...

1 Replies

Jurassic World Tribute (Fallout 4 Theme)

Hello! This is my first discussion on the Jurassic World Site! I recently changed my name, if anyone who reads...

1 Replies

Godzilla 2016 has a official american title

Godzilla Resurgence! found this on toho kingdom forums Link Fixed by GorillaGodzilla...

0 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 8 The Guard Dog of Hell

The Guard Dog of Hell Donovan and the three general stood there looking at the two monsters. The mercenaries ...

0 Replies

Be the Dinosaur-You Asked For It

Hello everyone.  My fourth volume for my series is here and ready!  You'll like this one, and it's s...

6 Replies

Godzilla in Pokémon

Browsing in web I just found this:   http://greengimmick.deviantart.com/art/Kaijumon-1954-Godzilla-The-...

0 Replies

Jurassic World Velociraptor vs. Dilophosaurus

After watching Jurassic World enough times, I thought it would be neat to see what everyone's opinions are on ...

9 Replies

Godzilla Kaiju Collection 2 Fan Game

Hello people, my name is Sheep12Unleashed, BlackTeth199867, or CloneBlastMang. Call me whatever you like. Anyw...

0 Replies

Some old US Godzilla trailers to showa movies

Browsing through some old VHS tapes these trailers came on at the end. After some searching I found them on yo...

0 Replies

Fourth stage.

I not sure if this has been done before. It was mentioned on this site many, many moons ago that there was a f...

6 Replies

"Godzilla" in Ultraman

For the sake of interest and conversation: ...

3 Replies
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