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Looking to advertise on Scified? Since our recent 2016 update, our advertising model has changed. We are now more selective with which ads we show our readers as well as where those ads are placed. We've taken steps to ensure that user experience is our top priority so in doing so, have reduced the number of ads we display as well as where we display them.

If you're looking to advertise on Scified please note that we currently support the following ad formats:

Banner Display Advertising

We do allow for specific banner ad placements across Scified. These banners can be static image, text or animated, however we try to avoid video ads as they can lag the website and negatviely impact user engagement. We also do not allow for auto-play ads which force auto-play audio files.

Sponsored Articles

Our preferred method of advertising is through engaging content. If you have an upcoming project or wish to get the word out about merchandise or perhaps even an upcoming game or film, a unique, well-written article will gain more attention than a static banner. Sponsored articles are contributed to our feed like any other post, provided that it remains within our guidelines and is specific to our topic base.

Collaborative Giveaways

We love working with companies to help get their products known to fans who would truly appreciate them. Have a product you wish to advertise? Consider running a giveaway with Scified!

Social Media Shout-Outs

Scified boasts a network of nearly 1,000,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Posts on average get over 200 shares and engage 15,000 - 105,000 fans.

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To contact us about any advertising opportunities, please forward your emails to [email protected]. Thank you!


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