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Alien 5 and Predator 4 Movie News and other AvP Aliens vs. Predator Updates

Hot Toys Reveal Alien Girl Collectible Figure!

Alien & Predator News 1 Comments

Captain America Civil War News

Captain America: Civil War trailer debuts!

Captain America Civil War News 0 Comments

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Gman2887 replied to The Soundtrack Nov-30-2015 9:47 AM


VirtualVel replied to Tyrants Chapter 3: The Final Hunt Nov-30-2015 7:18 AM


VirtualVel replied to Be the Dinosaur-Get Away Nov-30-2015 7:15 AM


ChrisRemix replied to Alien: Covenant movie tagline ideas Nov-29-2015 9:03 PM

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VirtualVel Happy Late Birthday GorillaGodzilla and Raptor-401!

Nov-30-2015 7:17 AM


HICKS you know I only use Spanglish !!! L O L!!

Nov-29-2015 5:05 PM


HICKS @Chris! thanks friend (I did not understand the definition of "spotlight", now doubt has been cleared, very good feature!) !!!

Nov-29-2015 5:04 PM


Chris Picard @HICKS, yeah, I added a member spotlight feature to the forums to highlight those avid posters out there! Forum awards also on the way...

Nov-29-2015 4:30 PM


Chris Picard Sending a Personal Message (PM) has been restored on Profile pages!

Nov-29-2015 4:22 PM


HICKS Member Spotlight!

Nov-29-2015 4:11 PM


Raptor-401 It's my birthday as well...

Nov-29-2015 1:36 PM